Software Comparison

Sure, there's a difference, but . . .

The good news: All of our software is functionally and intuitively the same, which means that, if you know how to use one, you know how to use them all. Easy to use. Consistent. No learning curve.

There is no bad news.

What Each Prints
  Raffle Tickets
  Auction Cards
  Bucket Raffle Tickets
  Bingo Cards
All formats
  Puzzle Boards      
All formats
  Door Hangers
  Page Numberer
  Business Cards
  Wallet Calendars
  Post Cards
  Address Labels

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  Win 2000, XP, VISTA, V7/8
  FREE Tech Support
  FREE Updates
  No Use Restrictions
  Incl 100's of Graphics
  Rich Text Formatting
  Backup and Restore
  Rotatable Fields
  Image Layering
  Text Layering
  Templates Included
  Use Watermarks
  Background Images
  250,000+ word dictionary      
  Scramble (Jumble©)      
  Un Scramble      
  Word Spackle      
  And Much, Much, More...

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In The Box

  Printed Samples
  Starter Kit of blanks
  Reference Guide
  Color Swatches
  Bingo Clipboard
  Laminated Samples

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