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SAMPLE BOARD (Using 52 Card Poker Deck)

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Not Just Numbers!

The typical bingo board consists of 25 numbers ranging from 1 - 75, with the letters B, I, N, G and O appearing at the top of the bingo board with each comprised of the following numbers:

B >   1 - 15
 I >  16 - 30
N > 31 - 45
G > 46 - 60
O > 61 - 75

These combinations of 75 numbers and five letters can result in 1,181 unique and non-recurring bingo boards

But, with BingoMeister, you can substitute these number and letter combinations with images, lines of text or - in the sample shown at left - even a deck of playing cards.

Welcome to Bingo Poker!

Now, instead of calling B-15, the "dealer" might call P - Jack of Spades. Or, the "dealer" might call R-3, which would point to the seven of clubs.

Or, any card called - regardless where on the bingo board it appears - can be considerd "in play" and count as part of your hand if each card touches another. (Click here to view a King high straight using a Joker.)




SAMPLE (Animal Images)

bingo halloween 411

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Using Graphics:

The SAMPLE at left shows a bingo board consisting of images with optional descriptive text directly beneath.

This allows the "caller" to call "G-Robin", for example, so as not to render any confusion.

There are several bingo sets included with BingoMeister that can be copied and modified, but not altered. This guarantees that there will always be a number of bingo sets that include 75 uniques images.

The bingo set at left is included in BingoMeister and called "Animals (images)".

You can, of course, create any bingo set comprised of anything you can think of. A great way to create a mood or theme for a "bingo event"



SAMPLE (Sports Images)

bingo sports at eddies

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Using Graphics:

The SAMPLE at left uses the bingo set "Sports (images)", as found in BingoMeister.


SAMPLE (Numbers)

bingo sports at eddies

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Of Course, Numbers:

The SAMPLE at left is an example of the bingo board most commonly used by groups and fund raising organizations everywhere. And now - with BingoMeister - by anyone with a bit of imagination. . . .

  • Create your own themes

  • Add names, logos and photos

 • Include consecutive numbering of boards

 • Add an additional random number field for door prizes, etc.

 • Resume printing from where you left off without disturbing randomization of calls for  that session

• Print 1-on, 2-on, any on. As many boards as you can fit on one sheet of paper


PRINTING (Bingo Boards)

print gingo boards

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Printing features:

 • Print as many as 1,181 unique and nonrecurring bingo sheets per session

  • Print as many unique boards as you need

  • Number each bingo sheet consecutively

  • Print random numbers in addition to consecutive numbers.

 • Resume printing from where you left off without disturbing randomization of calls for that session

 • Print 1-on, 2-on, any on. As many boards as you can fit on one sheet.


GRAPHICS (Included)


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The Select an Image screen displays the literally 100's and 100's of images that are included with BingoMeister. Of course, you can add as many more of your own photos and pics as you would like.

And, each graphic can be re-sized, stretched and rotated to fit whatever size or format you are using.

Use any .jpg, .bmp, .tif, or .pcx image file. Color and black and white. Even create background watermarks.

Images provided include:

    • Decks of cards

    • Animal pictures

    • Food items

    • Sports miscellany

    • Seasonal images

    • And many, many more . . .




bingo caller

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The Bingo Caller allows you to "shake and pick" (or call) bingo combinations with a finite time stamp and paper trail.

Screen displays each call (e.g., B-14 or K-10 of clubs, etc) as it is called and posts day and time to 1/100th of a second.

The Bingo Caller will "shake" and "pick" from whatever bingo set has been selected for the current bingo session.

< Click image at left to enlarge

OR, you can print a list of an entire calling session - before the bingo session - and make calls from the printout.

Either way, no two boards are the same.



BINGO SET (Numbers)

numbers bingo set

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BINGO SET (Poker Deck)

bingo set playing cards

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BINGO SET (Sports images)

bingo set sports

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Bingo Sets are comprised of numbers, images, lines of text -or any combination thereof - which determine what is "called" during a bingo session.

Bingo sets included with BingoMeister include Animal images, Food images, Sports images, a poker deck with and without Joker, Actors' names and more.

< Click image at left to enlarge

Certain bingo sets that are included with BingoMeister cannot be changed so that there is a reference point for validity. They can, however, be copied and modified to accommodate more or less difficult play.



At left is the poker deck, bingo set comprised of the complete 52 card playing deck. There is also a poker deck with a Joker included.

When playing one of the three types of Poker Bingo, cards are drawn until either a player or the "dealer" (the one who calls the cards) calls "Poker"

< Click image at left to enlarge




The bingo set to the left is comprised of sports miscellany and equipment. In this particular set, both images and text are combined so that the word "Basketball" appears directly beneath the image of a basketball.

< Click image at left to enlarge

This bingo set is a great choice for sports events,football parties and similar gatherings.